de conversiones

En este mundo de “Imperios Combatientes” (Rafael Poch) donde regresan también las Iglesias Combatientes (la ortodoxa rusa contra la ortodoxa ucrania), no logra uno olvidarse del pobre Paul Kingsnorth, quien creyó hallar en la conversión al cristianismo ortodoxo la salida a su desesperación ecológica.

(Pobre Kingsnorth y pobres de nosotros: ni asomo de condescendencia en la observación anterior.)


(Véase Cameron Hilditch, “Paul Kingsnorth meets Jesus Christ”, National Review, 14 de mayo de 2021; . El propio Kingsnorth narra su conversión en este artículo: “The Cross and the Machine”, junio de 2021; . Ahí leemos: “I am not a joiner, but I accepted, eventually, that I would need a church. I went looking, and I found one, as usual, in the last place I expected. This ­January, on the feast of Theophany, I was baptized in the freezing waters of the River Shannon, on a day of frost and sun, into the Romanian Orthodox Church. In Orthodoxy I had found the answers I had sought, in the one place I never thought to look. I found a Christianity that had retained its ancient heart—a faith with living saints and a central ritual of deep and inexplicable power. I found a faith that, unlike the one I had seen as a boy, was not a dusty moral template but a mystical path, an ancient and rooted thing, pointing to a world in which the divine is not absent but everywhere present, moving in the mountains and the waters. The story I had heard a thousand times turned out to be a story I had never heard at all”.)